Friday, July 6, 2012


pain doesn’t really care what colour you are
whether or not you have a trust fund or
live on the street
pain doesn’t care how old you are
if you live a comfortable life
or haven’t slept in a week

fear doesn’t give a fuck if you’re a homosexual
if you’re straight as an arrow
or you live your life celibate
and fear doesn’t care if you’re an athlete or professional
if you live a rough life
or your whole world is delicate

this is life right now and there’s no prerequisite
no instruction manual, no list for double-checking it
we’re only here as long as we are – no half steppin it
this world brings us down only as long as we’re letting it

you see, sadness doesn’t just pick on the weak-hearted
and madness doesn’t just steal the minds of cowards
we wanna build our lives, but before we start it
we should take a few minutes to analyze our power

strength lies in more than our muscles and bones
strength is what it takes to build a family, a home
a community, a world worth living in
when a man does you wrong, it takes strength to be forgiving him
it takes courage to live this life
to be true to oneself in the face of the odds
to make sense of a world that can seem so odd
keeping faith is more than about believing in God

it’s about seeing greatness in the eyes of each other
responsibility for pointing out the lies in each other
no matter how uncomfortable, we must rely on each other
we can either grow together or die with each other
and might sound drastic, but life can be drastic
we all carry burdens around, we try to mask it
lie about the fact that sometimes we get our ass kicked
it’s like we’re tryna shine our light through layers of plastic

but we’re greater than we give ourselves credit for
you’re greater than your bank account balances and credit scores
this world made you forget who you are – what you let it for?
once upon a time, you had a dream – what did you forget it for?

get quiet. take some minutes from time and just listen
be patient with the process,
get in touch with your inner waves like audio that’s lossless
fuck a dollar sign – silence is priceless – costless
just listen…

because love doesn’t care what mistakes you’ve made
even if you spent half your life drinking your way to the grave
and love doesn’t resent you for being a human being
love lives in the unseen – there’s so much we’re not seeing

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