Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Path - Verse 3

Some lyrics from a new track I wrote over a beat by Junia T. The song is called "The Path." Going to be on my upcoming EP, the poet.

moments yeah they pass by
sometimes miss ‘em like I got two glass eyes
everybody hustle hard, tryna live ‘em fast lives
half the time talking in tongues, speaking fast lies
overly familiar like past-lives                                                         
feeling like I been here before, is this a failed attempt
to live a glorious life, or am I just exempt
from the mediocrity of averages
that we all condone while, ignoring the savageness                                           
honestly, I don’t how to handle this
sometimes lost in my ramblings
searching for advantages
tryna manage my own career, without management
half my time spent tryna recoup my damages
so what’s the sense in it
when everything’s an expense and that I keep on investing in
self-interest vested in
laying out my soul over beats and manifesting it
struggling’s the method that my character is tested in                                      
not just another rap specimen
a poet that grew from walking the path of lesser men
from the fog I was in to way out of my element
I still resist this road to my detriment                            
I got a soul sickness – this art is my medicine
so I’ma play my part and shine light like Edison
but I’ve learned to keep my pace steady-and
if it’s any less than my God given purpose I’m not settling