Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taking Ground

Every time I take new ground
everything that ever stood in my way,
everything that ever stood within me,
against me,
stands before me.

Watching as the populace runs
frantically to find comfort,
to feel like they belong,
like they’re doing the right thing,
bending over sideways and
talking backwards
to do anything and everything
that might make them feel

Because they say that world
is a dangerous place
and you better duck and run
if you look the wrong way
at the wrong person
at the wrong time…

The mind is the battleground;
the world is a reflection.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thaw of the Dawn

It seems like it's the first time that I’ve let myself live
without being angry about all the space
between who I am and
the person I want to be.

A river doesn’t question why it flows;
it just goes where it must according to
nature’s laws.

I am a force of nature
and I am not a river.

We are not the summation of our actions,
our exhibited behaviours,
our feelings or even our thoughts;
we are the choices behind the actions
and the choosers behind the choices.

God knows I am capable of being more
than the person I have thus far told myself
and others that I am,
and I know that God bears no grudge
against me for not yet being
who He sees me to be.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Absolute Being

In this clearing of absolute being,
razor-blades cut through all the nonsense
that I’ve created
and piled upon this life.

Here I see every single burden I have
and own the fact that I have chosen them,
that I am responsible for my reality.

I have inherited all of the elements of humanity,
damned some of them while valuing others,
and in doing so have condemned myself.

There are no boundaries
but those that I’ve created in my mind;
there are no real barriers
but those that I am not courageous enough
to face.

I am the unstoppable force
that moves mountains;
I am the only obstacle
on my path.