Monday, February 21, 2011

Shifting Sands

I chose this life
but I didn't choose my genes;
a rippling of unfettered waves
upon a rocky shore.

I’ll keep walking
even though my feet are sore,
even though my eyes are watery and crusted over,
even though my head is weary.

I can learn to overstand my circumstances
and to see my mind from a dispassionate vantage point.

I don’t know if I asked to be born,
but I was;
I don’t ask to keep waking up,
but I do.

To know what I know,
to believe what I believe and feel what I feel,
these are like the staining of glass
over the retinas of my eyes,
the erosion of stones over billions of years,
the shifting of sands beneath the rocks upon the shore.

Saturday, February 5, 2011



New Monthly Event, The Cypher, is Filling the Void in Toronto’s Hip Hop Community

Toronto-born organization, Hip Hop Headz (H3), is determined to build a permanent monument on the GTA’s hip hop landscape.

“Hip Hop culture manifests through the creative self-expression of individuals who embody its spirit in their respective art forms. This power of spontaneous creativity, the unification of a community for the great purpose that is Hip Hop, happens at The Cypher.” – H3

Toronto, ON – Feb. 2, 2011 – The main goal of The Cypher is to preserve and contribute to the expression of hip hop’s fundamental elements by allowing local artists to showcase their unique talents and skills. Any artist who shows up has the opportunity to perform in cyphers, which are literally a circle of MCs/rappers each taking a few minutes on the mic, either freestyling or reciting written verses, and then passing it on to the next performer. All MCs get the opportunity to perform along-side each other regardless of skill level or amount of experience, a feature of The Cypher which levels the playing field for artists while still allowing the most talented performers an opportunity to stand out and be recognized. To date, over a hundred artists have participated in The Cypher from the GTA and beyond. While primarily started as an MC-focused event, The Cypher has evolved to more equally emphasize other hip hop elements such as DJing, beat-boxing, live instrumental production, and is expanding to get the involvement of the break-dancing community.

Lack of cohesion, lack of support, lack of unity – these terms are just a few of the descriptors that fit the view of many artists in Toronto’s hip hop community. Specifically for young MCs/rappers – an abundance of which has created an over-saturated market – Toronto can be a difficult environment for artists looking to perform, shine, and have their voices heard. It is partially in response to these unmet needs thatHip Hop Headz (H3) (an organization founded by local artist MC FÜBB) created The Cypher – a monthly event that gives any artist who shows up and opportunity to perform, network, practice and master their craft.

There are also a few spots reserved at The Cypher for featured artists to perform their own sets; featured artists have included Toronto nativeMindbender (Urbnet Records), Durham Region’s Sha Prince and Flex (aka The Antiheroes, 9-0 Nickel Entertainement), and numerous other local acts. All cyphers occur over music supplied by a live DJ spinning hip hop instrumentals; featured DJs have included Toronto legend DJ Grouch (Turnstylez DJ Crew, Scratchlab Institute). Local producers also have an opportunity to have their music played at The Cypher; up and coming Toronto artist Rich Kidd (production credits for Billy Danze feat. Busta Rhymes, Frank n Dank, Saukrates, K-OS, and dozens more) was recently featured and showcased his beats for MCs to rap over.

The Cypher takes place on the second Wednesday of every month at Augusta House (152a Augusta Avenue). The next instalment of The Cypher takes place on Weds. Feb. 9 and is featuring DJ P-Plus (Flow 93.5 – The Real Frequency, appearances on BET, MuchMusic, P3 Entertainment).

Official promo video for The Cypher:

Facebook page for The Cypher:

Hip Hop Headz (H3) website:

For all inquiries, please contact:

Daniel Farb aka MC FÜBB
Hip Hop Headz (H3) Founder