Saturday, April 7, 2012


tormented by sordid thoughts,
childhood memories,
an aching tooth –
I don’t even get to sleep nights anymore.

at least when I used to get high
I used to get some relief
some of the time,
now I’m at the mercy of the wind

tied to a world I often hate
by bonds that I dare not break,
for moments of peace and calm
amidst stormy seas

is it worth it
for those brief moments of bliss?
where would I be
if I was not?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


"I bring it raw - these kats is FLUFF." -MC FÜBB

With so much "cotton-ball rap" released on the daily, MC FÜBB thought it only appropriate to express his views on the subject through a hip hop song. In contradiction to what he perceives as the predominantly cotton candy, bubble gum, fluff music lacking substance of today, FÜBB drops a filet mignon of juicy rhymes and flows (or tofu, if you prefer), over a scrumptious beat by producer MMAC. Is your mouth watering? Good.

"Fluff" is the first single off FÜBB's upcoming EP, "the poet," which features production from MMAC, Noyz, Junia T, Justunlimited, NTG, and Fresh Kils.

Produced by MMAC. 
Recorded and mixed by Fresh Kils @ The Kilzone.