Sunday, January 22, 2012

Higher Power

He/She/It/Love/Universal Consciousness/Divine Intelligence/Eternal Light/…


Interconnecting, infinitely wise force
that permeates all space,
is beyond time as I conceive it,
is past empirical sense perceptions,
transcends the capability of fully being grasped
or explained by the human mind.

A spark of this endless powerful flame
resides within my bodily frame.

My Higher Power is always aware
of every aspect of this spark
that is my soul.

What varies is the degree
to which I am aware
of the presence and characteristics
of God in my life;
my level of spirituality.

Surpassing temporal and spatial realms
as I can conceive them,
it is the closeness
and level of communication
between my soul and Him
that I must seek to develop
using my human mind,
my human brain,
to develop an understanding,
an intimate relationships
that will grow into eternity.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My whole life's been an uphill climb.
Nothing's ever come easy,
and if it did, it was fleeting
memories dissolving like
icing sugar on the tongue,
sweet for a moment then done.

I'm still climbing.

Never felt like I fit in,
now I know it's because I don't
fit into the plan of those who made it,
still striving to walk the path - I feel God's lament
over my detoured ways,
growing impatient
thinking that I need a relocation,
bouncing between bars.

In between bars I spit my truth;
when I write, all I am is light
fighting my way through cobwebs I've let accumulate.
Perhaps there's no direct path to fate.

But if who I am and everything I create is not enough
to "make it"
then I might as well be dead now,
but I'm not.
I must have more left to do and say,
more left to do and say
on this uphill climb.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The first thing I'm recording in 2012 is a verse that I'm dropping on a collaborative project that two fellow Toronto hip hop artists are working on - Fenaxiz and royceBIRTH. These are the lyrics:

It really shouldn’t be surprising
with everybody scared to look inside they focused on what they buying
accepting implicit values instead of searching and defining
when you perpetuate the status quo, what are you defying?
let me break it down
hip hop’s something real, you can embrace it
it’s gotta have some substance to it so that you can taste it
content’s consumerism so I’m taking issue
cuz when you’re laying six feet deep, you can’t take it with you                      
every time I spit I feel I’m firing off a missile
homing on your heart and I’m praying that it hits you
so you can get awakened to something that is bigger
than this brainwashed life, got my finger on the trigger                                     
targeting all types, all peoples of all colours
my message is this: I want ya’ll to stop killing each other
can’t keep it real with yourself, how you gonna keep it real with your brother
feeling lost so I turned to my mother                                                   
she said son, let ‘em be, accept ‘em for what they are
save your power for the battles ahead – you’re going far
try to let go of the past, though it’s on me like a scar
just ‘cause you got some shine don’t make you a star
now I ain’t tryna be the type to rain on your parade
but just cuz you getting plays that don’t mean you’ve got it made
from where I’m sitting, your whole stees need adjustments
what’s the point of music if it ain’t got substance?