Sunday, January 22, 2012

Higher Power

He/She/It/Love/Universal Consciousness/Divine Intelligence/Eternal Light/…


Interconnecting, infinitely wise force
that permeates all space,
is beyond time as I conceive it,
is past empirical sense perceptions,
transcends the capability of fully being grasped
or explained by the human mind.

A spark of this endless powerful flame
resides within my bodily frame.

My Higher Power is always aware
of every aspect of this spark
that is my soul.

What varies is the degree
to which I am aware
of the presence and characteristics
of God in my life;
my level of spirituality.

Surpassing temporal and spatial realms
as I can conceive them,
it is the closeness
and level of communication
between my soul and Him
that I must seek to develop
using my human mind,
my human brain,
to develop an understanding,
an intimate relationships
that will grow into eternity.

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