Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If Darkness Reigns

If the ceiling
should crack and crumble
and all below
is covered in dust and rocks,
while walls decay
and fall over
leaving all beneath them
dead and gone,

If the ground
should shake and drift
from solid foundations
to liquid earth,
while the golden pictures
come falling down
into pits of fire
and burn,

If the truths
that we all seek
should elude us and
hide in lies,
while the lights
that warm our souls
stop gleaming
and dwell in shadows
in the night,

If the happiness
is depleted
and all the joy
is dry and cold,
while the waters
of the rivers
that sustain our life
seem to stop to flow,

If we are still alive
through all these things,
then this is reason enough
to keep dreaming,
keep fighting,
and keep on living.

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