Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quality Control

A verse I just wrote for a collaborative track I'm doing with my homie Crossword and an artist named L...check it:

we coming like Talib with that Quality

check my thoughts, you can twitter follow me

rather that you walk with me, talk with me

collaborate possibly

I’m interested in what you stand for philosophically

would you compromise the art for a profit, B?

or represent the culture and get off it, B?

tell lies to the kids or, educate the youth like Socrates

and risk your whole life in the process, see

this is who I am, I can’t make it a mockery

quality music, definitely there’s a paucity

most what’s coming out is a monstrosity

up late writing rhymes awesomely

midnight oil burning caustically

sleep is what it’s costing me

but I would sacrifice nearly all

for this music, stakes is high - the writing on the wall

saying now or never, for forever where I’m living

giving this for you and yours, your parents and your children

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