Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I want to take another breath

of your soul,

I want you to take

all you want of mine.

I want to wash away the dust,

the shadows that get our eyes

so covered and misguided,

to wipe away the pain

that I caused,

that you caused,

that the world causes.

I envision:

you and me,

walking on a beach

of powder-white sand,

hand in hand, fingers intertwined,

your hair brushing

against my face,

where our greatest worry

is the setting of the sun.

Looking into your eyes

I see an entire world.

compassion and wonder,

love and tenderness,

fiery excitement and icy slumber.

I tell myself not to,

but I keep going back.

I keep going back to those nights,

our nights,

when there was no telling

where your body ended

and mine began,

where the colours of our skin mixed

to form a chocolate too sweet

for any woman or man to taste.

In my loneliest nights,

I still feel you here,

my breath on your neck;

your breath on mine.

Our souls forever intertwined

in a mortal dance,

in a love

that surpasses the flesh.

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