Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dark Jazz...

Through self-imposed shackles I broke and keep breaking

like b-boys – wuddup to B-Magic and Noyz

I’ve seen lives destroyed by less than a question

in a culture where we like to use the mind as a weapon

past time for a lesson – self-education is the remedy

‘cause a shaky hand cannot wield the weaponry

with adequate steadiness to come with the readiness

to face the nemesis

as a requisite, remember this:

how you gonna face the world without facing yourself?

wanna cause change, too busy desecrating yourself

getting lifted – are you really elevating yourself?

or you the dog’s tail – chasing yourself?

I’m embracing my wealth

whether or not I got dollars in the bank

I rank higher than these suckas, they stank

I’m coming on the left flank

Noyz on the full frontal

beats breaking shaking through they’re seats

lyrical stabs leave ‘em bleeding for weeks

walking these streets but I could swear they asleep

shallow-mentals on the surface – I take it deep

10 leagues below, ya’ll can peep the flow

compromise the art? NO – ya’ll can keep the dough

proceed to grow; marching through the sleet, the snow

grinding hard while they motions are slow

and I’m hoping they go

to a place where they’re perceptions are cleared

because too many of us living in fear

they say the end is near

but I refuse to believe it - not for a minute

the flesh is temporary but the soul is infinite

and that’s a fact most refuse to understand

so while we here we gonna do what we can

we keep moving on…

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