Saturday, November 8, 2014

She – part two

She’s courageous and honest,
compassionate and kind,

she holds me in her heart even when it hurts,
even when the alarms sound and tell her to run,
she holds me in her arms
when I fall apart
and lets me go when I need to make moves,

We hold each other’s hope when we can’t hold our own –
there’s never a question, never a second thought –
holding it close until whatever storm has passed.

I carry her in my heart,
usually without knowing it,
I carry her warmth, her support, her love
into my work, into my words,
into my music and my life.

I may falter, but I will not fall;
I may retract, but I will not run.

No matter the fatigue,
no matter the fear,
no matter the ecstasy
or the calamity.

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