Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Face of No Agreement

The third verse from the title track on my upcoming album, a collaborative produced by Brampton artist Noyz, "In the Face of No Agreement":

in the face of no agreement, feel like I’m bobbing and weaving
from deceiving thoughts and demons, staying focused on what I believe in
through the seasons, I stay true my vision with no reason
thieving heathens try obstructing my path - I’m still breathing
the only real obstacles I face are in my own mind
externally the world is my oyster, a goldmine
we can be run by it or own time
and Noyz came at the right time for this rhyme - so sublime
years past since smoking a dime – my mind’s clear
I ain’t running from anything, I stand to face fear
world’s been waiting for me to appear, now I’m here
hip hop’s train of thought, yo I had to commandeer
I peddle on this bike of life and God steers
eyes wide and I’m listening close with both ears
before I put pen to pad or pick up the mic
I stay conscious of the fact that I’m reppin for life 14
you may or not think that’s significant
but my prolificness when I’m spittin' this is strictly magnificent
we can create a future ya’ll can see with me
word is bond, whether or not you agree with me

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