Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Insomnia Poem

Perhaps a natural consequence of giving too much of myself
to too many people on a given day,
that later shift in the middle of the week
that just shits all over the routine I try to build for myself,
leading to that extra mid-day coffee that I justify because it’s going to be a later night—
leading to a much later night than it would have been—
practicing the progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, controlled breathing skills
that I recommend to so many clients,
until I get up to make some tea (which will wake me later I’m sure when I finally do get to sleep)
and realize I haven’t written anything poetic or horribly self-expressive
in a very long time,
and I have a moment of poet-ception as I write this line
and feel almost bad for the reader for getting him/her/themselves into this mess,

but maybe you’re already in a mess
and it’s comforting to know that you’re
not the only one.

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