Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I'm writing a book...

As I've shared with some of you, I'm currently in the process of writing a book, tentatively titled "The Other Side of People." This book will be an amalgamation and synthesis of the knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and information I have accumulated over my lifetime. I don't want to say much more at this point, as much of it has yet to be written, but here is an excerpt from part of the first chapter of the first draft that I'm working on:

As human beings, we are not just biological organisms driven by survival-based motivations and needs to achieve homeostasis in our bodies. Nor are we merely vessels for thought, shells in which information is processed like a computer. We are not only waves of emotion being thrown about by the whims of external forces and internal pressures as we react to our environments. We are a synthesis of all these things and a multitude of other characteristics that make up the multifaceted existence and experience of being human. Most of all, we are persons; gestalts which are greater than the sum of the individual pieces of which we are composed and greater than the manner in which our parts are arranged. 

Stay posted for more updates.

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