Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Child,

Dear child,

You were not born prepared for this life.
You will need to learn much
to survive.

Some things may come naturally to you,
others will not.

You will know to eat when you’re hungry,
to sleep when you’re tired,
to cry when you’re sad.
But be wary –
even these basic things
can be unlearned,
even forgotten.

Everything you do will have consequences;
some will seem insignificant,
others you will load with meaning.
How things seem to you
will often not reflect their true nature.
Know this:
for every choice
a difference is made.

Yes – you will have choices to make.
At times you may think you have none,
but this much is certain:
you will always have some degree of choice,
no matter your circumstances.

Your victories and failures in life
are not victories and failures;
they are what you and others say they are,
and nothing more.

You were not programmed for anything
other than to be,
to live and grow
until you die.
Everything else that happens is
simply as you experience it,
as you sense it,
as your perceive and interpret.

You will feel many things in this life.
You might feel joy in moment
and pain in another,
taste sweetness now
and then dirt on your tongue.

Sometimes you will be alone
even among other people,
or be connected to someone
from miles apart.

You are fragile;
your body can break and decay –
take care of it.

You are courageous;
you can act despite fear.

You might believe at times
that you are alone,
that you’re difference or don't belong…

But here you are.

Of the infinite possible beings
that could be in the universe,
you are here – you exist.

Your life matters.

What you choose to do or not do matters.

What you say,
what you think,
what you believe and dream matters.

And you are the one who says how you will live.

There are no shoulds or should nots
except within the contexts of reality
that you define or accept
as they are defined by someone else.

So do not make to harsh terms with yourself.

Love, compassion, and kindness
can provide you access
to the freedom inherent in your nature.

Build and create yourself
into the person you want to be in this world,
and go out there and be it.

Be not overly concerned
with the importance of the totality of your life,
but rather with each moment
in which you find yourself.

The fleshiest fruits of your life
can be plucked only in the present,
although the seeds you plant
may not bear fruit
for years to come.

Dearest child of this world,
you may not have been born equipped
to live as large as the dreams you’ve created,
but you are blessed with access
to all the tools you will need
to build the world you want to see.

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